9 Best Hotels & Motels in Amarillo, TX On I-40 (With Prices)

As a long-time Amarillo native, I’ve often been drawn into heated discussions about the role our quaint Texan city plays in the popular imagination. Although certainly the focal point of the Texas Panhandle, some locals find themselves a little embarrassed to think of the city as merely a stopover for all those on epic cross-country road trips.

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I don’t count myself among them. This convergence of fascinating folks brings diversity and verve to a city that’s anything but dull. Many of you will be searching for a place to stay the night that is cheap, convenient, and ticks all the boxes for a restful night’s sleep. Many don’t wish to stray too far from the I-40 (Interstate 40) simply because doing so adds complexity and minutes to a trip that needn’t face such complications. Sticking close to the I-40 also helps you keep your bearings in regards to the airport, simplifies the journey (east or west), and puts you in close proximity of Amarillo’s food, entertainment, and shopping.

For that reason, I put together a curated list of the best motels and hotels just off or near to the I-40 (both west and east). The criteria I’m using in selecting these picks are budget, proximity, and value.

Hotels/Motels Near I-40 West

Best Budget Choice: Sleep Inn & Suites West Medical Center

Named for its proximity to Amarillo’s main hospital and medical centers, the Sleep Inn & Suites are actually an ideal choice for anyone looking for an affordable room just off the I-40 West. This is a “no-frills” choice but has warm, attentive staff and excellent service. Guests also enjoy access to a pool, hot tub, and a generous complimentary breakfast.

Furthermore, the location is ideal, with the inn set back just off the eastbound lane of the I-40 west. It can be found right next to some excellent dining options, including Outback Steakhouse.

Double Room at the Sleep Inn West Medical Center in Amarillo

Rates: rooms start from a relatively cheap $70.
Pros: great location, warm staff, filling breakfast, pool/hot tub facilities.
Cons: rooms at nearby inns (e.g. Fifth Season) start a little cheaper but service and standards at these alternatives are inferior.

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Best Pet-Friendly Stay: Holiday Inn Amarillo West Medical Center

Another selection in the vicinity of Amarillo’s main medical facilities, this area has one of the highest concentrations of lodging options on the west side of the city (and, indeed, anywhere in the city).

Of course, during long trips out on the road pet owners are forced to make difficult decisions about whether or not to bring along their pet(s). Frankly, some additional companionship can also be a nice pick-me-up when traveling long distances.

It’s standard practice for hotels and motels to charge a little bit extra for pets. Policies vary widely from one establishment to the next. The Holiday Inn takes this category for its transparent approach to pets: the hotel is both dog-friendly and cat-friendly, charging $25 per pet, per night, with a maximum of two per room. Because extra charges for your pet can dent your pocket, it’s also reassuring to know that Holiday Inn is a relatively affordable choice, to begin with.

Sleep Inn & Suites that we discussed earlier is also a great choice for pet owners with a charge of $25 (as above) and a maximum of two pets per room. Meanwhile, Candlewood Suites (Amarillo-Western Crossing) by IHG welcome dogs of under 80 pounds at a rate of $35.

One word of caution: always take steps to verify pet policies directly with your hotel when making a booking. It’s far from unusual for inaccurate information to circulate on the web. For instance, many publishers claim that Homewood Suites by Hilton Amarillo is pet-friendly when in fact this is a pet-free establishment.

Rates: rooms start from around $80 but prices do vary according to season.
Pros: very reputable brand, great location just off the westbound I-40, pleasant staff, free wifi, pool/hot tub facilities.
Cons: may run a little pricey during peak season but still affordable in comparison to neighboring options and offers better value.

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Best For Extended Stays: Extended Stay America

Reasons for extended stays are plentiful and varied. Sometimes personal circumstances dictate the need to find a temporary home. Other times, we simply take our travel slow and like to soak up the atmosphere of a vibrant city over several weeks.

Of course, it’s important to mention that extended stay spots run the gamut from reasonably affordable to quite pricey. If your budget isn’t tight then the Residence Inn Amarillo by Marriott is of course an excellent pick. This brand is specifically designed to meet the needs of extended-stay travelers and has a ‘home from home’ vibe. Rooms and suites are spacious and are furnished to an exceptional standard. The internet is pleasantly fast and the beds are comfortable. This spot certainly has the feel of a place you could spend a significant amount of time without feeling cabin fever.

At the more affordable end, Extended Stay America stand out for their rates, which begin as low as $40 per night. Although you won’t find quite the same level of service as offered by Marriott, Extended Stay America does offer free wifi, on-site laundry, in-room kitchen, and televisions. Access to laundry facilities is 24/7 and complimentary breakfast is offered to guests.

Rates: extended stays start from just $40 per night.
Pros: located just off the I-40 West, the hotel is also conveniently situated next to the legendary US Route 66. Affordability is excellent and you receive a lot for the price.
Cons: staff are courteous on the whole but standards of service aren’t quite up to the high levels you’d expect from more upmarket brands.

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Best Value Overall: Hampton Inn & Suites Amarillo West

My best value selection is based on balancing price, location, and quality in unison in order to pick out lodgings with the perfect mix of characteristics.

Hampton Inn is neither a cheap hotel nor an expensive one. It’s best described as middle-market but has the quality of staffing/service and facilities of a pricier option. Again, this pick is located just off the eastbound lane of the I-40 West close to dining options including Pizza Hut.

Where it really excels is in the quality of amenities: fantastic pool, fitness center, free parking, free breakfast, free wifi, and (thankfully) fully-functioning air conditioning. Also, a brand run by a company like Hilton provides the peace of mind to know you’re in safe hands.

Queen Room at Hampton Inn and Suites Amarillo West

Rates: starting at approximately $90 per night.
Pros: super location and great dining options, excellent service, unrivaled value, and good facilities.
Cons: somewhat more expensive than a few budget inns nearby, but again, any discrepancy is comfortably made up by the better standards overall.

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Hotels/Motels Near I-40 East

Best Budget Airport Choice: La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Amarillo Airport

Very few locals would dispute that La Quinta does a truly excellent job of serving passengers in and out of the bustling Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. This is a sleek and modern facility situated just off the I-40 East heading westbound and mere minutes away from the terminal.

With a beautiful indoor pool, free parking, quality breakfast, fitness facilities, free wifi, A/C, hot tub, and impeccable service, La Quinta is a safe choice for both holiday and business arrivals.

La Quinta Inn And Suites at Amarillo Airport

Rates: starting at approximately $100 per night.
Pros: unbeatable airport location and great food, impeccable service, and excellent facilities.
Cons: off-premises dining options are somewhat more limited in this part of the city.

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Best Pet-Friendly Stay: Days Inn by Wyndham Amarillo East

Days Inn comes in at a price range very much belonging to that of a cheap motel. However, while basic, it does offer a little bit more than the price tag would suggest with a pool, free parking, and attentive staff.

If Days Inn could be described as such then it would perhaps qualify as the best motel in town. That’s because, even with a modest additional charge for pets, rates still clock in at extremely affordable levels.

Rates: starting at approximately $50 per night. Additional $10-$25 per pet.
Pros: convenient location just off Amarillo’s I-40 East, pet-friendly, affordable, and surrounded by fast food options.
Cons: quality dining options are somewhat limited in the vicinity of the inn, but fast food choices do include McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell.

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Best For Extended Stays: WoodSpring Suites Amarillo

Overall, WoodSpring Suites Amarillo takes the top prize for its very affordable rates, newly renovated rooms, in-room kitchen facilities, queen beds, pet-friendly policies, and 24/7 laundry access.

Although a “no-frills” choice, WoodSpring suites offers a lot for the money and is indisputably one of the best value options in the extended-stay category.

Rates: extended stays at WoodSpring start from just $40 per night.
Pros: recent renovations have resulted in major improvements in quality and the value for money is unrivaled. The hotel is close to the Tri-State Exposition.
Cons: noise is occasionally an issue around this busy section of the interstate.

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Best Value Overall: Best Western Santa Fe

Best Western offers perhaps the single best value for money option anywhere along the I-40 East in Amarillo. This isn’t a cheap hotel but for a relatively mid-priced lodging, it has truly excellent staff and facilities.

Foremost among them is a fantastic pool, free parking, beautifully furnished rooms, and one of the best hotel breakfasts in town. Whatsmore, the staff are happy to help out in any situation. While it’s only a minor point, this hotel also has the distinction of being one of the few located on the eastbound lane of the I-40 east. This makes it a great place to get ahead of schedule if you’re taking a flight out or continuing a road trip the following day.

Rates: rooms start from around $100 per night.
Pros: recent renovations have resulted in major improvements in quality and the value for money is unrivaled. The hotel is close to the Tri-State Exposition.
Cons: noise is occasionally an issue around this busy section of the interstate.

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Best Alternative For US 287 Travelers: Courtyard by Marriott Amarillo Downtown

US Route 287 is an iconic Texan highway running from Houston all the way through the Texas Panhandle, and coming close to the edge of Dallas. Within Amarillo, Route 287 actually runs concurrently with the I-40 East, up until the major junction with the I-27.

If you’re heading up north, perhaps for a ski trip, then there are also some excellent lodgings just off the 287 after the I-27 junction. The Courtyard by Marriott Amarillo Downtown is perhaps the pick of the bunch with its fabulous location and proximity to some of the best live entertainment and food the city has to offer.

Rates: rooms begin at around $100 per night.
Pros: iconic building in close proximity to both US Route 287 and many of Amarillo’s best venues. Service is also excellent.
Cons: the hotel lacks a few amenities and facilities found elsewhere in town.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is traffic bad in Amarillo? How long does the trip across town take?

Thankfully, on the whole, the I-40 provides a splendidly simple way of crossing town in quick time. Taking the I-40, the trip from east to west (or vice versa) can take as little as 10 minutes from the start of the 335 ring road to the furthest edge.

Where are most hotels located?

Amarillo’s hotels are clustered around a few key hot spots, in particular the medical center in the west, the Western Crossing mall, downtown, and Rick Husband airport.

In which part of town is the most affordable hotels?

People often wonder whether budget options are located in close proximity while pricier choices are found elsewhere. On the whole, this is not the case. In each part of the city, there is a wide variety of lodging options to suit all tastes and budgets.

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